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  • What league do you play in?
    Hockey Super League
  • Where are the practice ice times for the season?
    We are based out of the Moose Jaw and Southern Saskatchewan area. The majority of our practice ice will be in Moose Jaw or the close surrounding communities.
  • What are the age groups?
    For the upcoming season we plan to have 2009/2010, 2011, 2012, 2013/2014 HSL teams. 2014/15 HSL development team. We will also have a program for players in the U7 age group.
  • How are teams selected?
    Player evaluations (ID skates) will take place in the Spring. These evaluations will be used to determine teams for the upcoming season.
  • If registered for ID skates does this mean my son/daughter has a spot in the SSA program?
    No. Players will be evaluated on various abilities and if staff determines they are capable of playing at the required level they will be selected.
  • Is SSA insured?
    Yes. SSA is fully insured.
  • How many hours of ice time will a player receive?
    The goal is to have a minimum of 4-5 hours of ice time per week, supplemented by weekly off ice training and team building activities.
  • Does the Academy offer programs to children outside of the Academy teams?
    Yes. SSA offers camps open to the public throughout the year.
  • Does SSA fall under SHAs non sanctioned policy?
    Yes. Players participating in the SSA program will be subject to the current SHA Non-Sanctioned Policy. SSA is advocating for change to this policy as we feel every person should be free to choose what program best fits their child's needs. We feel the current SHA policy is excessively punitive and directly attacks players, parents and families.
  • When does the season start and end?
    Starts in September and ends in March.
  • Can my child play both on SSA team and minor hockey?
    No. Hockey Canada policy states that players need to decide before the cut-off date in October which program they will participate in for that season.
  • Does U9 play half ice games?
    No. U9 will play full ice games. We believe small area games and skills are crucial and will be developed during practices.
  • Are games only played in Alberta?
    No. There will be an even mix of home and away games. Approximately half your teams games will be played in your home area and half in Alberta.
  • Is this for Moose Jaw players only?
    No. There are no borders and players can travel to play with SSA if they choose to.
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